The history of buying wives is as old as the uneven status of men and women in China. Since 1949, one child policy has been carried for over 30 years, which has led to a shortage of brides, more and more Chinese and Southeast Asian women were lured and trafficked to remote regions of China in the past years, as well as the rural men who, like the three men in the story, sought to buy a wife.

Attracted by the publicity of the commercial marriage agencies, more and more leftover men are trying to solve their problem by illegal marriages. Some of them were born in poverty, some were above the normal age for marriage while some got divorced. After paying RMB 38,000 each to a Vietnamese Bride agent, three Chinese bachelors made it to arrive Vietnam in March, 2013, hoping to purchase an ideal wife with the help of money. Some accomplished their wish while the others retreated with a disappointment. But all of them experienced an absurd journey.